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    They ripped me off $1000. They did not even work on my file that I know of. Never returned my calls after I gave them my money. Up until that point they called plenty telling me what they could do but they did NOTHING! Nothing at all. Many promises and not one fulfilled. Just call the IRS and work it out. That's what I ended up doing. You will get no help from ATS.
    By Robert Sweat, March 26, 2018
  • We've used Hover Girl as our property management company for the past three years, and they've managed to take excellent care of our older, historic home. Our home comes with its share of challenges, as it's over 100 years old, and they've managed to stay on top of maintenance and repairs in a timely fashion every time. We've had two different tenants, and both have been well-vetted and qualified to rent our home. We've felt comfortable and secure knowing that our tenants have HG to contact, and that we do as well, in the event of problems. As a military family, it was imperative to us that our management company understand our lifestyle and frequent moves, and be able to use their judgment if we couldn't be reached immediately. Without fail, Hover Girl has stepped up each time we've needed them and has proven their worth time and again. In the event we need to rent our house out again, we will not hesitate to come back to Hover Girl. Thank you!
    By Katherine Dibbern, March 25, 2018
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    The process is ridiculous. It's like they stay on one or two types of customers. Been waiting for almost two hours just to get my car registered. Really need to fix their processing procedure. This is ridiculous.
    By Rey Davis, March 20, 2018
  • Everyone can agree its hard to chose a daycare you feel safe placing your child at. That seems to double when youre the parent of a special needs child! You worry about acceptance amongst the other kids, or that staff will not give him/her the attention they give to typical kids. Well, we dont have those worries at DLC Nurse and Learn! Weve been with them for a little over a year. When we drop off our son every morning, we know hes getting way more than just "day care". He gets OT, PT, Speech therapy. He also gets outdoor time, makes crafts and twice a week he is treated to "circle time" (where all the kids get together in a circle and greet each other by singing). Best of all, he gets love and patience. The staff are more than qualified--they care and it shows. They not only cater to the child, but to the parent, with excellent communication and flexibility. They also do an amazing job with the typical kids, to teach them understanding and acceptance. DLC is always in need of donations for operating costs. It is more like a ministry than a business: I know we're not the only family that considers DLC a major part of our support system. I highly recommend placing your child here for care and/or donating to this wonderful program.
    By A Google User, March 19, 2018

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